Duong Hieu JSC


  • Company name: Duong Hieu Trading and Mining Joint Stock Company – Securities Code: DHM
  • Charter Capital: 251,431,230,000 VND (Two hundred fifty one billion and four hundred thirty one million and two hundred thirty thousand Vietnam Dongs)
  • Head office: 463/1, CMT8 street, 16, Huong Son ward, Thai Nguyen City
  • Phone: 02803 832.410
  • Fax: 02803 835.942
  • Email: info@duonghieu.com.vn
  • Website: www.duonghieu.com.vn
  • Tax code: 4600341471
  • Bank Account: 102010000443128

Vision: The leading supplier of materials, equipments and solution in Vietnam

Mission: Supply materials, equipments and solution to meet customer’s demand in order to contribute to their success.

Core values:

Commitment: We are fully committed to meet our customers and partners’ mutual agreement and expectation.

Professionalism: We continuously improve and innovate.

Corporation: We value long-term business relationship, loyalty and commitment.

Success: Our success is defined by your satisfaction and prosperity.

Our Businesses

Trading, Mining and Quarrying

Trading in electric products, refractory products and construction materials

Real Estate



  • Supply industrial power and electric for household. Duong Hieu JSC is an Authorized Distributor of many well – known brands in the world including:
    SIEMENS – Electrification, automation and digitalization. Our corporation starts since 2006 and currently, Duong Hieu JSC has become the biggest Authorized Distributor of SIEMENS in Vietnam.
    PRIMESOLUTION – An expert manufacturer, solutions in the field of Lightning Protection, Power Quality, Grounding System. Duong Hieu JSC is an Exclusive Distributor of PRIMESOLUTION since 2016.
    BOSCH – Security Systems.
    RITTAL – Enclosures and Climate Control

In additions, Duong Hieu JSC is also an important partner of many world leading firms such as: SIGNODE – USA, RHI, ABAX – ITALIA, INTERSTOP – STOPNIC – SWITZERLAND, AEP ASIA.

  • Provide BUSWAY – a prefabricated electrical distribution system; electronic parts – switch contact, cable, led light…
  • Services provider, manufacture and install distribution board for not only consumer but also for factory including: low voltage, compensate capacitor, ATS, medium voltage, inverter, motor control center, programmable logic controller, Scada and etc. We offer a wide rage of products to our clients. We bring foresight and knowledge, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach to build capabilities and deliver real impact. We adhere to all our commitments and our delivery is impeccable.
  • Maintenance services.
  • Trading and mining.
  • Seafood farming and trading.
  • Services, restaurant…


Company Profile

Duong Hieu JSC – A leading supplier of materials, equipments and solution in Vietnam.

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